Prostitutes go from sex trade to safe haven

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Before dawn on an icy February morning last year, Anne was trolling for business on the corner of Kensington Avenue and Westmoreland Street. She had been on a crack bender for weeks and needed money.

A woman in a car pulled up. “Do you ever do it with girls?” the stranger asked. On the site more details.

Whatever, Anne thought, and slid into the passenger seat. She figured she could easily rip off the woman, then get the hell out of the car.

As the stranger turned down an alley, Anne glanced in the rearview mirror. A van pulled up behind them. Two men got out.

Anne bolted, but the cops outran her.

Busted for prostitution for perhaps the 10th time in as many years, Anne sat in a paddy wagon for three hours as the undercover team picked up two other women. The temperature outside was 17 and dropping. All she had was a hoodie. She hadn’t slept a full night in weeks. She was hungry, she was tired, she was dirty, she was cold.

“I was on my knees thinking, `Dear God, I have to stop.’ “

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